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Assouplissons-nous quantitativement

Je démissionne ! Non, je déconne, lol.

Ça, c'était juste ce que m'a inspiré le week-end en train de se terminer.

Ce qui me fait encore plus marrer que le gouvernement français en ce moment, c'est cette vidéo excellente : Quantitative Easing Explained. Les plus perspicaces d'entre vous auront reconnu les protagonistes de la vidéo culte Relational Database Vs NoSQL Fanbois.

Comme je suis un junkie absolu de la quote d'anthologie, je vais vous en coller un brin ci-dessous.

Pardon my french :

Q: So why do they call it Quantitative Easing? Why don't They just call it Printing money?

R: Because printing money is the last refuge of Failed Economic Empires and Banana Republics, and The Fed doesn't want to admit that this is their only idea.

Q: So they think that during the recession when the people have less money to buy this stuff, it is bad that the prices go down?

R: Yes.

Q: So what is deflating right now?

R: The only thing deflating that I can see is the FED's credibility.

Q: Did they have a lot of credibility to start with?

R: No.

Q: Why not?

R: Because the Fed has been wrong about every major economic development in the last 20 years.

Q: You mean they didn’t see the internet stock bubble?

R: No, in fact, they helped fuel the internet stock bubble?

Q: And they didn’t see the housing bubble?

R: No, in fact, they helped cause the housing bubble?

Q: And they didn’t see the sub-prime crisis?

Q: No, in fact, they told us sub-prime problems were contained right before the shit hit the fan and the Lehman went bankrupt.

Q: So, has the Fed ever been right about anything?

Q: Let me see if I can think of anything... ... ... ... ... ... ... No. Nothing.

Q: What qualifies him to run the Fed?

R: I don't know, maybe the fact that he has a nice beard.

Q: Do they buy the Treasury bonds from the Treasury Department?

R: No they buy the Treasury bonds from the Goldman Sachs.

Q: You must be shitting me.

R: No.

Q: And what did the William Dudley do before running the New York Fed?

R: Before running the New York Fed, the William Dudley was a partner at the Goldman Sachs.

Q: So the guy in charge of the American people’s money when dealing with the Goldman Sachs used to be a partner at the Goldman Sachs?

R: Yes.

Q: And nobody has a problem with this?

R: Apparently not.

Q: Is this an episode of the Twilight Zone?

R: I don't think so.

Encore plus perverti qu'un domainer !